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Our next show at Rock & Metal Day'z in Oschersleben will be something very special for us. Get your ticket for this amazing festival.

Flyer for the festival Rock & Metal Days


Prepare yourself for March 30st 2024!
On this day we will release our second full-length-album 'no need for death' under Iron Shield Records!
Be in joyful expectation for there will be eleven tracks that will make you wanna bang your head.
Pre-orders are now possible.

Cover of the album no need for death


Hey Maniacs,
after thrashtastic shows in fall 2023, we would like to thank you for your amazing support! Besides we inform you that recordings for our upcoming album are about to be finished. Our second Album "no need for death" will be released via 'Iron Shield Records' in the first half of 2024. Prepare for even more thrashier riffs, faster beats and a new level of violence!


Hey thrashers,

we want to introduce you to our new colleague on the drums. In the picture on the far left, please welcome: Gareth "Hotte" Lathan!

We are already working with Hotte on our second album which will be released in 2024. Thrash on!

Band picture of lesson in violence in black and white


An era is coming to an end!
From the very beginning of Lesson In Violence our man on the drums has always been a true thrash-disciple and still is. Scraper played a big role in the last years of Lesson In Violence and we were very glad and proud that we thrashed together!
Scraper is retiring from Lesson In Violence and we wish him all the best!

Retirement of drummer Scraper


Hi Metalheads, take a look at this line-up, what a mess! Time to grab your tickets and thrash the shit out of the Zykloopen-Air!

Check it out >

Flyer Zykloopenair


This is going to be an epic metal night! We are very pleased that the guys from Hatred have invited us to their resurrection.

Check it out >

Flyer Metal Massacer


How cool is that? Sturmi's Rock and Metal page declares our debut album 'The Thrashfall Of Mankind' as the best thrash-album of 2022. So that's some awesome news, thanks for aprreciating our work! In addition, Markus P. from "Time for Metal" fanzine has named our album as "Album of the Year 2022"
With our upcoming album we won't settle for less than keeping the first place!


Prepare for attack!

On October 2nd of this year, there will be the most thrashful event of the year!

Join Lesson In Violence, Hateful Agony, REACTORY and Godslave when they meet up to crush the Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt!

The pre-sale ended on 27 Sept, tickets are only available at the evening box office.

Flyer Lessons in Metal 2


Thank you metalheads,
it was amazing how many of you sent us some pics to create our new video! We really appreciate your support! It's not a typical lyric-video how everyone else does it these days. We made a picture-video and we definitely don’t take things too serious! Many of the pics you sent were from earlier times so we tried to capture this spirit with the style of our video and kept it intentionally old-fashioned and different. So please enjoy our pic-vid spiced with lyrics!


We need you!
'Lesson In Violence' is planning to create a music video for the album 'The Thrashfall Of Mankind' and you shall be the the main actors!
So if you want to be part of it, just send us your most thrashy selfies. No matter if 'horns up in the bathtub' or with a beer in or below your camping-chair, headbanging or hugging the toilet. Feel free!
We need about 300 pics to be ready, so don't hold yourselfes back! Best send your pics in landscape format and please take note, that we can't use bandpics. Please make sure, that there is only yourself to be seen in the pictures.
So if you're in, send your pictures to casting@lessoninviolence.com.
To thank you, we will give you our next single before the second album will be released.
Your mail will be answered with further notice for privacy terms etc.
We added some examples to give you some inspiration!

Casting picture example for music video Casting picture example for music video Casting picture example for music video Casting picture example for music video


Hello Folks,

we got some news for you. 'Lesson In Violence' has a new man on the guitar. His name is 'Michael Helbig' and he has always been a good friend and a supporter of our music. One of the main reason for recruiting him is that he is as much a thrash-enthusiast as the rest of 'Lesson In Violence'. He first joined the stage with us on the 'Metal Franconia Festival 2022' and did a really awesome job.

We also want to thank our former guitar-hero André for the good times we had together and all the efforts he brought into 'Lesson In Violence' and the first album 'The Thrashfall of Mankind'. “This is sure your baby too!”

We decided to go different ways because we faced some different focuses and visions of what the future will hold. Dear André, we wish you all the best for your projects and 'Lesson In Violence' is sure to meet up with you somewhere in time.

Michi member of Lesson in Violence


One month is gone since we released our first album "The Thrashfall Of Mankind" and the feedback is absolutely amazing. Reviews worldwide are very good and the sales charts are also very impressive! Lesson in Violence want to say thank you for this huge amount of support and appreciation from fans, mags and radio stations all around the world.

Right now we are looking forward to present the album live to the crowds!
Next stop: Metal Franconia Festival 2022.

Thrash on!

Flyer Lessons in Metal 2


Listen metalheads!

Lesson in Violence is proud to announce the release-date of our first thrash metal baby "The Thrashfall of Mankind" by Iron Shield Records.
On february 18th the time has come for our debut album including 11 tracks of serious thrash metal shit.

Listen to our audio samples!

You can order our full length album "The Thrashfall of Mankind" directly from our merchandising-page or from our label Iron Shield Records.

Thrashfall of Mankind Album Cover


Hey Headbangers and thrash metal enthusiasts!

Lesson in Violence is very happy to announce the deal with Iron Shield Records. A label for the finest selection of old school thrash metal from berlin!
Thomas Dargel, head of Iron Shield Records is a great thrash metal fan so we joined forces!

We can't wait to blast our album "the thrashfall of mankind" through your speakers and return to the stage!

Thrash Metal Mankind!

Thrashfall of Mankind Album Cover


Hey Folks!

Lesson in Violence is proud to tell you, that the work for our first album "the thrashfall of mankind" is taking progress and it will be released in Q1 2022!
Prepare yourself for 11 tracks full of finest thrash metal and stay tuned for more updates!

Thrash Metal Mankind!


Listen you metalheads out there!

During this fucking pandemic we were literally imprisoned but we used the time to set up the recording of our first album. So we tried to make the best out of it and now we are done with most of the recordings. Right now we are recording the vocals. When it's done there will be only backing vocals left. After that it will take time to mix a sound, that will blow everyones mind.
As you can see, the process is going on and is pretty much advanced. When we are done we will chose the songs for our album wisely, that you get the full package of our thrash enthusiasm!
We can´t wait to return to the stage, hopefully in 2021. Till then, don't bother yourselves too much because of all the shit that's going on. Just think to yourself „ALL YOU NEED IS THRASH“!


Bad news: All shows in 2020 were rescheduled to 2021 due to Covid19.
Just check our dates for the upcoming shows in 2021. Right now we work on our first album to be published next year!


Our show at the Metal Franconia Festival 2020 was cancelled in connection with the upcoming Corona Epidemic. The replacement date will be in 2021.


Thanks a lot for the great support on our first show in our hometown!
Click here for the pictures!


We're glad to announce our first hometown-show in Schweinfurt, where we can blast your faces off with our brandnew set of pure fuckin' thrash!
Goregonzola, Insulter and April in Flames will join the show! Be there!


We are very proud to present our new Thrash Metal Formation to you.
It is time to teach you a LESSON IN VIOLENCE !

single cover Thrash Metal Mankind
single cover Thrash Metal Mankind
Lesson in Violence
Thrash Metal Mankind
The Trashfall of Mankind album title

Thrash Metal Mankind is one of the headbanging tracks of our debut album The Thrashfall of Mankind.
Listen to our other audio samples from our album. Your interested in booking us for a concert? Send us an E-Mail at booking@lessoninviolence.com and look at our technical rider and other information here.

The next live shows!

This is Lesson in Violence

Lesson in Violence Band standing in front of scaffold

Violence in music and nowhere else!

Lesson in Violence represents the best of traditional smashing thrash metal! We are a new german metal band from Schweinfurt/Bavaria. Our vision is to deliver headbanging thrash metal and to teach you metalheads a Lesson in Violence!

Concert pictures!

lesson in violence concert at jugendhaus schweinfurt
lesson in violence concert at jugendhaus schweinfurt
lesson in violence concert at stattbahnhof schweinfurt
lesson in violence concert at stattbahnhof schweinfurt
lesson in violence concert at the goregonzola birthday bash
lesson in violence concert at the goregonzola birthday bash
lesson in violence concert at the goregonzola birthday bash
lesson in violence concert at the goregonzola birthday bash